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Look at that Building, It's so beautiful, They certainly don't make them like that anymore
Look at that detail, Over that doorway, That must've taken some time
The curve of that stone, And ornate design
Look at that Building, It's so beautiful, They certainly don't make them like that anymore

"Building" - Poi dog Pondering - 8/31/08

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Cinda says:  Without a doubt, U2 is my favorite. My musical tastes delve far further than the beautiful Irish lads, however, and I own approximately 800 CDs, only 80 of which are U2. Off the top of my head, my favorite albums of all time include (in no particular order):

U2, The Unforgetttable Fire Cure, Disintegration Poi Dog Pondering, Pomegranate
U2, The Joshua Tree Pink Floyd, The Wall Poi Dog Pondering, Wishing Like a Mountain and Thinking Like the Sea
U2, War Harry Chapin, Greatest Stories Live REM, Document
Billy Bragg,Workers Playtime Sinead O'Connor, i do not want what i have not got Paul Simon, Graceland
Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend Indigo Girls, Indigo Girls Sugar, Copper Blue
10,000 Maniacs, In My Tribe BoDeans, Black and White Yaz, Upstairs at Eric's
Peter Gabriel, So Lou Reed, New York Dire Straits, Making Movies
Cowboy Junkies, Trinity Sessions The Beatles, The Beatles World Party, Goodbye Jumbo

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I listen to a huge variety of music, but mostly "alternative" and "classic rock"...whatever THOSE mean. I remember when alternative meant Cure and Yaz and U2 and REM and The Replacements, and when classic rock like The Who and Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones and Beatles wasn't "classic." In Chicago, therefore, that means the ONLY radio station to listen to is WXRT. I am also a huge fan, however, of totally hip, gooey, rockin' tunes from the 80's...and that's not such a bad thing. That's when MTV was new and actually played VIDEOS, and Top 40 was GOOD....